Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Photo Book

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is Mom, with my own Update!

Chelsey is typing what I dictate to her. To my family thank you for your love and support in my recent illness. I wanted to let everyone that I am fine, I am recovering slowly. They sent me home with a Life vest that monitors my heart rhythms. Every week Kristi calls a number and the hospital gets the information. They are doing this to see if I need a defibrillator. The life vest works like an outside defibrillator. If my heart for some reason stops then it will give me a warning and I have to push these two button so it doesn't shock me. Luckily we have not needed to push the buttons. They have my coumadin levels regulated and I no longer have to get the nasty shot in my belly. Luckily Kristi only had to give me 7 shots at $100 a pop. I was able to make it up to Mesa for the beautiful sealing of Kim and Adam. It was a wonderful experience to have all of my children and their spouses there. This has been a learning experience for me. I have learned a lot about my self and my testimony. I am working on writing more up in my journal so that my kids can know what I have learned through this experience. I am grateful for everything that my children have done to help get through this. Thank you for your prayers.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Morning 17th Update

Today is Rachel's Birthday! So Kally and Rachel are meeting up again in Phoenix to celebrate our birthdays. We'll have a "6" birthday when mom gets home and combine a welcome home party maybe we'll see what time allows. Rachel definitely wants to get together with all her cousins.

Okay - busy morning. We've been hoping since 6:00 am and I just sat down for a brief minute to call Rachel and wish her a Happy Birthday and now I'll update you on all the details.

First morning blood pressure is still high 165/95.

Lung Doctor came by first, Dr. de Chazel. He is also an internist and a sleep doctor. He has been looking at her hands and things possibly Renaud's syndrome as opposed to a disease. He recommends a hematology consult work up to investigate why she is forming blood clots. We will follow up with him after discharge and he is going to do a sleep study on her. He is taking her off all oxygen today. No home oxygen and no home breathing treatments.

Dr. Kirkpatrick came in. A nurse will show us how to give the Levenox shots for the next 4 to 5 days. He was going to make sure Dr. Perez came in (heart electrical). He also said there was no reason to keep mom. All doctors had signed off on the deal. She could possibly go home on Saturday.

Mom feels great today. She is getting around great with the walker. She got to enjoy her first great shower!!! She was in heaven and really enjoyed the shower.

Dr. Ramirez checked in briefly nothing new to report. We will follow up with the cardiologist in the coming weeks to monitor her blood pressure meds and other medications. BP was down to 150/88 and oxygen is at 92 w/o the oxygen.

One slight hold up - waiting for the Life Vest that will monitor her her heart rhythm and act as a defibrillator. We don't know if they will release her until that is here or if they will let her go until then. I guess we wont know for sure until in the morning.

After her wonderful (not) lunch we will take a ride on the wheel chair and go get some real food and a treat at the cafeteria and maybe get some fresh air.

Kally is heading to Phoenix this afternoon to spend the weekend with her family for birthdays.

Call if you have questions.

Mom's joy ride

Well they found a wheel chair that mom could ride in. Actually Paul is a great technition and is very nice and detailed. Even offered us a soda. He found the wheel chair that no one else could find for a couple of days. So at late at night we took mom out for a ride. She was so excited. We went by the cafeteria and she could smell the food. So of course we had to share a plate of onion rings.
These are the flowers she has received. Starting at the left - from the Johnson family, middle from Aunt Ellen, and on the right from Dad.

Mom got to hold Camilla.

Riley and Rachel and Mom and kally enjoyed a game of Yahtzee.

Riley is playing Peek a boo with Camilla and she is laughing.

Rachel wanted fingernails like mom's. Well I don't have Chelsey's talents and I don't have the patience. So we went to the drug store and bought stickers to go over nail polish. Kristi painted away. She was so happy.

Mom's feet - warning graphic.

This is the foot after the doctor cut off the dead skin from the blister. I thought we had a picture of the bubble - it stuck out a good 1/2 inch at least.
Foot all wrapped.

After her MIR she came back with markings - we teased her about them - told her they were measuring her for a cofin. Okay hope you all find that funny - mom is laughing and having a good time. WE are doing all we can to keep her laughing - good for the lungs said the doctor and good for her spirits.

Thursday's Update

As quick as Chelsey and the kids were here - they were gone by noon today.

Mom's blood pressure still isn't balance and remains high, averaging about 155/90. It is still higher in the morning and the doctor doesn't like that. Mom's weight on Chelsey's Wee Fit was 240 lbs; the hospital weighed her today at 220 lbs - all that was water. You can see it.

There is a BNP test (?) that helps them determine when to stop giving diuretics. They want this number below 900. Yesterday it was in the 5,000's and today it is 4200 and when she came in last week it was 24,300. Potassium a little low (normal with the diuretics). She is a little more congested. It just takes time to get it all out of the lungs. Her blood levels aren't thin enough - still more drugs.

Dr. Bobby Foot (Mom's cousin) came in to see her today. He is a neurologist in the hospital. Mom's doctor, Dr. Norton (mom asked him if he knew Dr. Foot) and he did. So Dr. Norton saw him and told him about mom. Dr. Foot looked over mom's chart and confirmed that all this has been there a long time.

Mom's fingers are back changing colors: white & purple and cold.... She is a little more tired today after her little thing last night perhaps. She has slept a lot today.

The cardiologist finally came late tonight. He is concerned about the incident last night. Basically he said we need to consult with a doctor that specializes in the electrical part of the heart. We need to watch her more. So we may not be getting out as soon as first thought. Kevin's dad had a similar issue and was fixed with a simple surgery. Other options are a devise like a pace make called a defibrillator implanted in the chest to jump start her heart if needed. This is one of the results of congestive heart failure. One of the other results is a high incidence of kidney dialysis needed - the kidneys can't keep up with the demands from the heart. Mom's kidneys are great (she's been working on them). She is so glad that isn't a complication for her - she doesn't think she could do that.

She should only drink 2 liters of water per day and a no salt diet.

Last but not least - Mom got to go on a wheel chair ride. They finally found a wheel chair that was comfortable for her legs. So at 11:30 pm tonight we went for a joy ride. She was so happy for a change of pace. We went over to the cafeteria and had onion rings. Woo ho!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

All the kids outside Mom's hospital room sitting on the fence. They couldn't get in to see her yet. This is the view from mom's room looking out the window.

Pictures of the Week

This is from Easter Sunday when many kids came to visit mom - look at her thru the window.

Two great nurses from ICU.

Wednesday Update (on Thursday)

Mom has her phone and charger and if she is not busy she can answer. Howerver, her days can be very busy with nurses coming and pocking and proding all day and becuase of the diuretics she is going peeeeee..... all day often. This can be a 20 min ordeal. So she wont answer during that.

Wednesday nothing new - just monitoring all vitals. Mom had a weird thing with the heart and the nurses came in. They thought it was low potassium. Mom got up and down more and was hopping for a ride in a wheel chair - but there is none to be found for someone with legs as long as hers so far. Her foot was checked and is looking good. Blood preasure remains unstable. We got all the coumadin talks and how to manage her new drugs. The leg doctor has no more issues for keeping her. It is just the heart at this point. So not much just finally getting up and down going potty.

Riley and Rachel played Yatzee with mom and Kally - Mom and kally tied for the tip score only because we each got a Yatzee otherwise Riley would have beat us. Tucker and Hayden really enjoyed visiting with Grandma.

Sorry no update as Kally was busy with the kids and never turned on the computer. Pictures coming in a minute.

Oh by the way - it was cold in Tucson. the kids were freezing at the park and had to come in the hospital.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Updates

Her X-rays on the lungs are still showing a little cloudiness. Still trying to get blood pressure balanced - we haven't found the right cocktail.

Visitors - Jennifer Crotts and old friend from Safford that now lives in Tucson & Lori Thompson from Safford. Those brighten her days.

Last night was a long night. They kept testing and poking and checking all night. Every time the lights would go on bright. We were tired when the sun came up.

Busy morning with specialists checking mom out and getting things straight. Very busy.

Lung doctor said lungs sound good - needs to increase activity.

She will be on blood thinners for a bit.

We asked for a different general MD that we have more confidence in. The one now seems to not be aware of different issues happening.

Still trying to find a good blood pressure meds cocktail. Her blood pressure as always has remained hard to figure out.

We finally got a wound doctor, surgery specialist to come take care of the foot. Just a normal blister and nothing more. He even has suggested that we put oils like olive oil, grape seed oil on and other things on the legs. So we'll go get some. He has given the all clear to get up and around and start walk (we already did with PT - mix up in communication). Mom is very happy this means no bed pans!!! This doctor is good and will work with on vitamins and diet and other things and has some knowledge of natural health care. He will monitor her after the hospital and balance the coumadin. she can be tested in Safford and he cares for her in Tucson.

PT came and moved her and it was harder than she thought it would be - but easier than every one else thought that it would be.

Kristi went to the store and bought mom and nice pink robe and more junk food candy treats. She claims she is playing good cop / bad cop. Well I guess that makes Kally (me) the bad cop. What ever. Just remember it was my suggestion for the lemon pie.

Chelsey came back over with Nikki to help watch kids and she brought her 3 and Riley and Rachel. Should be entertaining. They could come and see mom. So no limit on visitors now - just can't get tired out.

I'm so excited: many of the care providers have a knowledge of natural products. They are giving her wonderful ideas for life style changes. They have her on pro-biotics.

So if anyone wants to edit my bad grammar and spelling - go ahead. I'm just hurrying to get something out. I think I got all the details.

We'll get some pictures posted later tonight.

Trip to Tucson

Cami and me at the hospital park.
Jay and Mom
Kids sitting on the fence to see into Grandma's room.